July 23, 2020

Team Profile:
Olivier Bachmann

photo credit:
Olivier Bachmann

1.     Why are you involved in geothermal / supercritical research?

Using the energies of magmas to power human societies seems like a very attractive idea to me.

2.     What is the favourite part of your work?

Doing the research, in collaboration with colleagues, and feeling that we are making new observations, and discovering new processes.  

3.     What is the research output you’re most proud of?

Bachmann, O., and Huber, C., 2019, The Inner Workings of Crustal Distillation Columns; the Physical Mechanisms and Rates Controlling Phase Separation in Silicic Magma Reservoirs: Journal of Petrology, v. 60, p. 3-18. https://academic.oup.com/petrology/article/60/1/3/5184274

What was the research finding?

A review of ideas on what happens physically in the plumbing systems of large silicic magmatic provinces such as Taupo Volcanic Zone. It provides a summary of many years of work with my friend and colleague Christian Huber.

Why is it important?

Magmatic plumbing systems (“magma reservoirs”) control in a large part what comes out at the surface (volcanic processes) and how we can recover the heat and rare elements near the surface (geothermal energy and rare element mining). Understanding which physical processes dominate within them is therefore fundamental.

4.     What is your favourite photo of you doing research?

Where are you?

In Australia, in a forest near Mt Eccles.

What are you doing?

Exploring volcanoes with my youngest son.

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