January 8, 2021

Team Profile:
Sadiq Zarrouk

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1.     Why are you involved in geothermal / supercritical research?

I am fascinated by the enormous changes in water and steam properties in the near and supercritical region.  This was the topic of my Master’s thesis in 1999 and I have been involved with the Iceland Deep Drilling Project since 2002.

2.     What is the favourite part of your work?

The multi-disciplinary approach and combing field based, analytical and modelling research.

3.     What is the publication you’re most proud of?

Zarrouk, S.and McLean, K. (2019) Geothermal Well Test Analysis: Fundamentals, Applications and Advanced Techniques. 1st Edition. Academic Press. 336p. ISBN: 9780128192665.

I am proud to be a recognised international geothermal expert with an applied approach to geothermal energy research. I have established research collaborations and published joint papers with research institutions from New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Iceland, USA, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, El Salvador and Kenya. I have published > 150 papers (42 journal articles and 109 peer reviewed conference proceedings), many technical reports, two books and three patents. With more than > 1470 citation of google scholar and the most read geothermal researcher on Research Gate.

4.    What is your favourite photo of you doing research?

Where are you?

In the field with my geothermal students, inspiring the next generation of geothermal scientists and engineers

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