Shane Rooyakkers

PhD; MSc; BSc

Shane recently completed his PhD in volcanology at McGill University (Montreal), where he used a combination of petrology, geochemistry and field geology to explore the origin and dynamics of rhyolitic magmatism at Krafla volcano in Iceland. Previously he completed an MSc at Victoria University of Wellington, focused on the Oruanui super-eruption of Taupō volcano.

He currently holds a two-year Rutherford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi to trace magmatic-geothermal interactions in the Taupō Volcanic Zone using oxygen and hydrogen isotope analysis of volcanic and hydrothermal minerals. He aims to answer questions on how Taupō Volcanic Zone magmas are generated, the depths to which geothermal fluids circulate, and the extent to which the fluids and magma directly interact. This work provides a bridge between GNG and the ECLIPSE research program, which focuses on the large magma systems underlying the TVZ.