August 4, 2021

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Changing how we Communicate Geothermal Energy

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Communicating the benefits of geothermal energy are critical as the world transitions to a low-carbon energy future.

In the Geothermal: The Next Generation research programme, we have a strong emphasis on communication. We aim to communicate science, and the technical, societal and environmental factors that are relevant to supercritical development. We want to communicate our thinking, why we believe in this resource, and how we view the path ahead. And we are still learning as we go on this journey.

Geothermal Rising (previously the Geothermal Resources Council) recently underwent a rebranding. In this short video below, Charlie Feinerman and Katie Corbett from Taoti Creative (USA) share valuable lessons with the global geothermal community about how we can message geothermal energy to make it positive and simple.

Using the Earth to save the Earth” is a simple and effective phrase that Geothermal Rising has embraced. Why? Geothermal energy can have negative connotations for the general public, such as volcanoes and drilling, compared to other renewables like solar and wind, which are associated with nature and sunny days. Likewise, solar energy and wind energy are easier to understand than the more technical geothermal energy.

In our communications, we are starting to design how we can frame supercritical geothermal energy as "Geothermal ++", as a resource that extends and expands on the advantages already being realised by 'conventional' geothermal energy use.

Watch Geothermal Rising’s introduction video to their new brand and messaging.

Videos are shared with permission.

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