December 2, 2022

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GNG Presentations at NZ Geosciences Conference 2022

photo credit:
Michael Rosenberg

Four GNG-supported presentations were made at the Geoscience Society of New Zealand Annual Conference in Palmerston North in November 2022. The team are in the process of developing papers on these and many other aspects of the programme, and we’ll share them here when they are published.  

  1. Laura Seelig et al. Using trace element and isotope geochemistry of central Taupō Volcanic Zone (New Zealand) granitoids to understand the processes contributing to silicic magmatism. Petrographic investigation (mineralogical and textural), geochemical, and isotopic analyses on erupted granitoid lithics from various central TVZ eruptions to better understand their environment of crystallisation and the magmatic processes contributing to their petrogenesis
  2. Shane Rooyakkers & Isabelle Chambefort et al. Tracking Magma-Crust-Fluid Interactions at High TemporalResolution: Magmatic Oxygen Isotopes in the Central Taupō Volcanic Zone. Exploring the assimilation of altered crust into silicic TVZ magmas, and determining the spatial overlap and interactions between shallow silicic systems and their surrounding hydrothermal envelope.
  3. Wiebke Heise et al. Mesh Design for inversion model resolution of the magmatic system beneath Mount Tongariro, New Zealand. Implementing the FEMTIC MT inversion code - a more advanced mesh design allowing topography to be incorporated and mesh to be adaptively refined around areas of interest, making computation more efficient and results better able to be placed in context with other models.
  4. Isabelle Chambefort et al. Geothermal: The Next Generation- Advancing the understanding of New Zealand’s supercritical resources (Keynote). Presenting an update on the main objectives, relevance, future linkages, and the initial results three years into the programme.
Laura Seelig carefully hammering out a granitoid lithic in Lichfield Quarry, Taupō Volcanic Zone. (Credit: Michael Rosenberg, GNS Science)

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