November 11, 2020

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How will New Zealand make Supercritical Energy Development a Reality?  

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Graeme Murray

Share your insights about New Zealand’s supercritical energy future at the 42nd New Zealand Geothermal Workshop.

Tapping into deeper supercritical resources to access significant reserves of higher temperature (400°C – 600°C), sustainable, renewable geothermal energy is not a new idea. Yet, there are many challenges to overcome before New Zealand is investment- and industry-ready to deploy supercritical technologies.

As part of the Geothermal: The Next Generation programme we are working to develop a supercritical heat strategy (2020-2050) for New Zealand. And we need your help —  a national strategy needs input from the geothermal industry, researchers, business, Māori, Government and many more stakeholder groups.

We are running an open session at the 2020 New Zealand Geothermal Workshop (being held in a couple of weeks in the Bay of Islands) and we would love you to share your insights. This one-hour event is in the conference programme for Wednesday 25th November at 2.45pm.  

  • What are the technological, legal, regulatory, investment, economic, societal and other challenges to utilisation of supercritical resources?
  • What local and international experiences should we be drawing on?
  • What is needed to be ready to drill a supercritical exploration well by 2030?
  • What is needed to demonstrate pilot scale feasibility by 2040?
  • What is needed to enable sector-wide roll out by 2050?

Bring your thoughts...and more questions!

If you can’t make this workshop, there will be opportunities to share your ideas and expertise with us in early 2021. Keep an eye on the GNG website for more information or contact us so we know you are interested in being involved.

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