May 31, 2021

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International Supercritical Projects at the World Geothermal Congress 2021

Chris Bromley

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Lloyd Homer

Below we have collated papers being presented at the 2020+1 World Geothermal Congress that are related to supercritical and deep drilling projects underway internationally. This event did not go ahead in 2020, but in 2021 the congress evolved into five virtual events (March – July 2021), plus an in-person event in October 2021 in Reykjavík.

The abstracts for each paper/presentation are accessible and linked below, but the presentations are only open to those who have registered for the congress. The conference papers will be freely available at the close of the conference (October 2021) from the International Geothermal Association's conference database.

You can also freely view all the WGC opening ceremony presentations here.

The papers are grouped into the following: General; Geophysics; Geochemistry & Modelling; IDDP; Krafla.


[37011] "Supercritical Fluids - Learning About the Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems from IEA Geothermal Collaboration," Chris BROMLEY, Gudni AXELSSON, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Adele MANZELLA, Patrick DOBSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[08012] "Advancing New Zealand’s Supercritical Geothermal Opportunity," Melissa CLIMO, Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Brian CAREY, Simon BENDALL, Andrea BLAIR [Abstract] [Paper]

[11098] "Geothermal Exploration and Reservoir Assessment in Magmatic Systems. the IMAGEProject," Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Ólafur G. FLÓVENZ, David BRUHN, Domenico LIOTTA, Sæunn HALLDÓRSDÓTTIR, Adele MANZELLA and Jan- Diederik Van WEES [Abstract] [Paper]

[12108] "New (Zealand) Perspectives on Continental Arc Geothermal Systems – Overview and FutureProspects," Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Colin J.N. WILSON, Julie V. ROWLAND [Abstract] [Paper]

[37002] "Japanese Supercritical Geothermal Project for Drastic Increase of Geothermal Power Generation in 2050," Hiroshi ASANUMA, Toru MOGI, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA, Noriaki WATANABE, Shigemi NAGANAWA, Yasuo OGAWA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Tatsuya KAJIWARA, Kazumi OSATO, Kuniaki SHIMADA, Seiki HORIMOTO, Takashi SATO, Shigeto YAMADA, Kimio WATANABE [Abstract] [Paper]

[37006] "Supercritical and Superhot Geothermal Resources - Some Fundamental Insights," Thomas DRIESNER, and The COTHERM Team [Abstract] [Paper]

[37018] "Utilization of Superhot Geothermal Systems – Challenges and Opportunities," Kristinn INGASON, Vilhjálmur KRISTJÁNSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[37022] "The Emerging (and Proven) Technologies That Could Finally Make Geothermal Scalable," Robert WINSLOE, Alexander RICHTER, Jeanine VANY [Abstract] [Paper]

[37015] "Supercritical Geothermal Cogeneration on the Threshold," Jim SHNELL, John ORCUTT, William OSBORN and Eric WACHSMAN [Abstract] [Paper]

[37013] "Ultra-supercritical Energy Storage," Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB [Abstract] [Paper]

[31022] "Geological Model and Potential of Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir," Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Abstract] [Paper]

[31059] "The Newberry Super-Hot EGS Project," Alain BONNEVILLE, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Guðmundur Ómar FRIÐLEIFSSON, Roland HORNE, Claude JAUPART, Giuseppe DE NATALE, Anders NOREN, Susan PETTY, Adam SCHULTZ and Carsten SØRLIE [Abstract] [Paper]

[31091] "Supercritical Thermodynamics of the Rock/Fluid Geothermal System," Mario-César SUÁREZ-ARRIAGA [Abstract] [Paper]


[13103] "Different Strategies Applied to 3D Inversion of MT Data from Los Humeros Superhot Geothermal Resource in Mexico," Diego RUIZ-AGUILAR, Ásdís BENEDIKSDÓTTIR, Arnar MÁR VILHJÁLMSSON, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, Gylfi PÁLL HERSIR, JoséManuel ROMO-JONES [Abstract] [Paper]

[13055] "Seismic Feasibility Study to Identify and Characterize Supercritical Geothermal Reservoirs Using DTS, DAS and Surface Seismic Array," Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Haruyasu KUZUME, Yoshihiro FUJISE, Hitoshi MIKADA [Abstract] [Paper]

[13056] "Simulation of Seismic Imaging of Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir Using Full-waveform Inversion Method," Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Haruyasu KUZUME [Abstract] [Paper]

[13089] "Seismic Velocities and Elastic Moduli Correlations with Temperature in a Superhot and an EnhancedGeothermal System," Dimitrios MENDRINOS, Constantine KARYTSAS, Spyridon KARYTSAS, Flavio POLETTO, Biancamaria FARINA and Erika BARISON [Abstract] [Paper]

[13079] "From Brittle to Ductile Deformation in the Continental Crust: Mechanics of Crystalline Reservoirs and Implications for Hydrothermal Circulation," Mateo ACOSTA, Benoit GIBERT, and Marie VIOLAY [Abstract] [Paper]

[13093] "The Seismic Velocity Structures of Western Turkey, New Magma Chamber Found as the Source ofGeothermal Fields," XIANG Shimin, ZHAO Na, JIAO Yuyong, ZENG Zuoxun [Abstract] [Paper]

[22098] "A New Method Developed for Rock Stress Measurement at Deep Depth in High Temperature Environment," Takatoshi ITO, Akinobu KUMAZAWA, Akio FUNATO, Kazuhiko TEZUKA and Tatsuya YOKOYAMA [Abstract] [Paper]

[37003] "Development of an Ultra-high Temperature Distributed Vibration Sensing (DVS) System for Supercritical Geothermal Wells," Hiroshi ASANUMA and Yuuichi MACHIJIMA [Abstract] [Paper]

[31008] "Hydraulic Fracturing and Permeability Enhancement in Granite at Supercritical Temperatures,"Ryota GOTO, Eko PRAMUDYO, Takahiro MIURA, Noriaki WATANABE, Kiyotoshi SAKAGUCHI, Takeshi KOMAI and Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Abstract] [Paper]

Geochemistry & Modelling

[13094] "Reactive Flow inSupercritical Geothermal Settings and Its Impact on Electrical Fluid and Rock Properties," Juliane KUMMEROW, Siegfried RAAB, Erik SPANGENBERG, Anja M.SCHLEICHER, Jan SCHUESSLER [Abstract] [Paper]

[33009] "The Analyses of Fluid Flow and Reactive Transport Processes for a Supercritical GeothermalSystem," Guanhong FENG, Tianfu XU, Zhenjiao JIANG, Fugang WANG [Abstract] [Paper]

[33031] "Exploring Utilization Scenarios for Supercritical Wells Using 3D Geothermal Reservoir Modelling," Alina YAPPAROVA, Benoit LAMY-CHAPPUIS, Sigrun TOMASDOTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Thomas DRIESNER [Abstract] [Paper]

[33035] "An Advanced Well and Reservoir Model for Supercritical and Saline Geothermal Applications, the Example of IDDP-2," Benoit LAMY-CHAPPUIS, Alina YAPPAROVA, Thomas DRIESNER [Abstract] [Paper]

[37004] "Transition of Numerical Models for the Hydrothermal System of the Kuju Volcano, Japan,"Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Jun NISHIJIMA, Sachio EHARA, Tohru MOGI [Abstract] [Paper]

[37009] "Effects of Rock Mechanical Behaviors and Silica Precipitations on the Permeability Development in High-Temperature Granitic Rock Bodies: Numerical Studies," Norihiro WATANABE, Noriaki WATANABE, Hanae SAISHU, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Abstract] [Paper]


[13071] "Petrophysical Properties of IDDP-2 Core Samples from Depths of 3650 to 4650m," BenoitGIBERT, Didier LOGGIA, Fleurice PARAT, David ESCOBEDO, Léa LEVY, Gudmundur Omar FRIDLEIFSSON, Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Philippe A. PEZARD, Nicolas MARINO [Abstract] [Paper]

[13046] "Imaging and Monitoring the Reykjanes Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir in Iceland with Time-Lapse CSEM and MT Measurements," M. DARNET, P. WAWRZYNIAK, N. COPPO,S. NIELSSON, A. SCHILL, G.O. FRIDLEIFSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[22067] "Tracking Fluid FlowBetween IDDP-2 and the Current Production Reservoir in the Reykjanes Geothermal System in SW- Iceland, Using Drilling Fluid as Tracer," Gunnar THORGILSSON, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Iwona Monika GALECZKA, Gudni AXELSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[22094] "A Combined Regional Conceptual and Supercritical Numerical Model of the Reykjanes Peninsula,"Sam BARTON, John O'SULLIVAN [Abstract] [Paper]

[21025] "IDDP-2 DEEP EGS Drilling Experience and Lesson Learned," Ari STEFANSSON, Gudumundur O. FRIDLEIFSSON, Þor GISLASON, Omar SIGURÐSSON [Abstract] [Paper]


[37007] "Drilling Into the Roots of the Reykjanes Geothermal Field – the IDDP-2 Drilling Project,"Tobias B. WEISENBERGER, Björn S. HARÐARSON, Kiflom G. MESFIN, Gunnlaugur M. EINARSSON, Steinþór NÍELSSON, Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Guðmundur Ó. FRIÐLEIFSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[37008] "IDDP-2 Well Head and Flow-line Design for IDDP-2," Þorleikur JÓHANNESSON, Ragnar GUDMUNDSSON, Ómar G INGVARSSON, Geir ÞÓRÓLFSSON, Albert ALBERTSSO [Abstract] [Paper]

[31010] "Stimulation of the RN-15/IDDP-2 Well at Reykjanes Attempting to Create an EGS System," Omar SIGURDSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[31094] "Heat Transfer and Flow Paths in the Deep Part of the IDDP-2 Well in Reykjanes, SW Iceland,"Saeunn HALLDORSDOTTIR, Egill Árni GUDNASON, Inga BERRE, Gudni AXELSSON, Eirik KEILEGAVLEN and Gunnar THORGILSSON [Abstract] [Paper]


[37027] "Magma-sourced Geothermal Energy and Plans for Krafla Magma Testbed," John EICHELBERGER, Charles CARRIGAN, Hjalti Pall INGOLFSSON, Yan LAVALLEE, John LUDDEN, Sigurdur MARKUSSON, Anette MORTENSEN, Paolo PAPALE, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Jefferson William TESTER, and The KMT Consortium [Abstract] [Paper]

[37028] "Bringing Together Volcano Science and Geothermal Industry: the KMT – Krafla Magma Testbed breaking-through Perspective," Paolo PAPALE, John EICHELBERGER, HjaltiPall INGOLFSSON, Yan LAVALLEE, John LUDDEN, Sigurdur MARKUSSON, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, and The KMT Consortium [Abstract] [Paper]

[37017] "Design of Superhot Geothermal Wells," Kristinn INGASON, Þóroddur SIGURÐSSON [Abstract] [Paper]

[37023] "Thermal Manipulation of Magma Boundary: Advancing Controls on Fluid Flow Via the Krafla Magma Testbed (KMT)," Yan LAVALLÉE, Anthony H. LAMUR, Jackie E. KENDRICK, Gudjon H. EGGERTSSON, Joshua WEAVER, John C. EICHELBERGER, Paolo PAPALE, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Donald B. DINGWELL, Sigurdur H. MARKUSSON, Anette K.MORTENSEN, Guðmundur O. FRIÐLEIFSSON, Charles CARRIGAN, John LUDDEN, Hjalti P. INGOLFSSON, and The KMT Consortium [Abstract] [Paper]

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