November 10, 2021

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Mineral Compositions in Plutonic Rocks: A Thesis in Three Minutes

Laura Seelig

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Could you explain an 80,000 word research thesis in just three minutes?

Laura Seelig, one of the GNG PhD researchers, can! She participated in the three-minute thesis competition at Victoria University of Wellington earlier this year.

View her presentation below, which succinctly explains how her research supports drilling deeper to target extremely hot geothermal fluids.

This global research communication competition is for Masters and Doctoral candidates, and the rules are pretty strict. Only one static PowerPoint slide is permitted, and it has to be present for the whole presentation. The presenter isn’t allowed any slide transitions, animations or ‘movement’. No electronic media (e.g. sound and video files) and no additional props. Presentations, which must be spoken word (no poems, raps or songs!), are limited to three minutes maximum.

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science communication
supercritical resources
water-rock interations

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