August 25, 2021

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The Geothermal: The Next Generation (GNG) research team all bring different skills and experience to the programme, and we need to come together with a united purpose. Our mission: to advance the geoscientific understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand’s supercritical resources to de-risk exploration drilling. Our vision: by 2040, supercritical geothermal resources will be deployed as an indigenous, renewable energy contribution to New Zealand’s low-carbon future.

To act as a compass for working together effectively, early on in setting up the programme we asked the research team to share their values with us (via a survey) so we could define principles for GNG – and we thought we'd share them here with you.

Five principles guide our GNG research:

Collaborative –  we value honesty, cooperation and diversity in thinking and approach

Excellent – we apply our specialist expertise to conduct the highest quality research

Curious – we ask questions and explore every challenge with enthusiasm

Impactful – we are leaders whose research is designed to make a difference to current and future generations

Professional – we honour our commitments, do what we say we will do, and act with professionalism and integrity

This website is a part of our commitment to living by these principles. We hope this website summarises useful information about Aotearoa New Zealand’s supercritical energy potential, what others are up to in the supercritical arena, our ongoing supercritical research, and other useful information about the advantages of using renewable geothermal energy resources.  


What is a Principle? Principles are universal and unchanging rules that govern our actions. Principles can be based on values.

What is a Value? Beliefs and opinions that govern the behaviour of an individual. Values are subjective, internal and changeable.

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