November 3, 2020

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Review of Reinjection in Geothermal Fields

Eylem Kaya

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Chris Sisarich

In case you missed it, members of our GNG team co-authored a recent journal paper:

Kamila, Z., Kaya, E., Zarrouk, S. 2020. Reinjection in geothermal fields: An updated worldwide review 2020. Geothermics, 89.

The authors analysed data from 152 power-generating geothermal fields around the world to analyse impacts of reinjection in geothermal reservoirs. Positive and detrimental effects on the relevant reservoirs were assessed, and reinjection strategies and lessons learned were shared.

This updated review highlights the importance of understanding the type of geothermal system before starting reinjection, which is why our Geothermal: The Next Generation research programme includes a strong focus on understanding supercritical fluids (in the Understand project). In GNG, we are investigating the chemical characteristics of supercritical fluids and their interactions with rocks and minerals under supercritical conditions, to predict changes in rock properties during fluid extraction and injection.

The paper also investigates the non-condensable gas (NCG) reinjection strategies implemented in the geothermal fields. In GNG, we will test injection of NCG into various reservoir rocks to determine NCG sequestration potential of common rocks at supercritical conditions.

You can also download this paper from our knowledge hub.

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