June 16, 2021

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Upcoming Seminar: Geothermal in a Low Carbon Future

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Low carbon renewable energy and the transition to a low carbon economy is a hot topic for New Zealand and many other nations. In the GNG programme, we are considering greenhouse gases in our supercritical geothermal research, and as part of developing a supercritical strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand. Reducing the carbon dioxide emissions associated with geothermal energy use is also being actively addressed by many other researchers, and the geothermal industry.

Upcoming Seminar: Geothermal in a Low Carbon Future

This year’s topic for the annual New Zealand Geothermal Association (NZGA) winter seminar is: Geothermal in a Low Carbon Future. The seminar will focus on how geothermal can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, both within New Zealand and globally.

Why is this important? Reducing carbon emissions is a key global focus, and geothermal has been highlighted as a means to achieving lower carbon outcomes. The New Zealand Climate Change Commission have finalised their advice to Government (available here), and the final advice recommends geothermal energy, along with wind and solar, as essential to displace fossil fuels, and to electrify transportation and process heat.

Seminar speakers will discuss the ways in which geothermal can help reach the government's targets, and the importance of geothermal's presence in a low carbon future.

Geothermal Week in Taupō

This NZGA seminar (get your tickets here) is being held as part of Taupō’s Geothermal Week (26-31 July 2021), promoted by Amplify, the Taupō District’s economic development agency. The week includes school activities, public lectures, business-to-business showcase, a career expo, industry field trip and a power station open day. More information can be found on Amplify's Geothermal Week Website.

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