August 31, 2023

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Water-Rock Interaction Conference 2023

photo credit:
Peter Rendel

Members of our team presented their GNG research at the Water-Rock Interaction conference in Sendai, Japan (August 2023).

You can read some of their abstracts below. 

Experimental results of supercritical fluid-rock interactions. Geothermal: The Next Generation
Rendel, P.M. and Mountain, B.W. 

The solubility of quartz in supercritical water from 375 to 600°C and 200 to 270 bar
Rendel, P.M. and Mountain, B.W. 
View the conference poster.

Basalt-seawater interactions at near supercritical conditions: An experimental study
Mountain, B.W. et al.

The first experimental assessment of sustainability of lithium extraction from geothermal fluids: a new evaluation tool 
Sajkowski L., Turnbull, R., Rogers, K.

Co-recovery of heat and raw materials from geothermal systems
Blundy J. and Sajkowski L.

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