July 21, 2021

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GNG is Doing Things Differently

Isabelle Chambefort

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Isabelle Chambefort

The journey to a supercritical New Zealand is a long one - it will be decades before supercritical geothermal energy is a business-as-usual renewable energy supply. This means it will be up to the leaders of the future to make the critical decisions on where to explore, and how to use this abundant energy source.

In the Geothermal: The Next Generation research programme, we have kick started this journey. And because what we do has to be a strong foundation, which lasts the test of time, we have designed the research's focus and activities differently to research programmes with shorter time-horizons.

We are combining science, engagement, science communication and capability building. GNG Programme Leader, Isabelle Chambefort explains why in this short video.  

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