September 15, 2021

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2021 CHARGE Finalist - World's Best Energy Advocates Brand

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We are excited to share with you our big news - Geothermal: The Next Generation is a finalist in the 2021 CHARGE Energy Branding Awards.

The CHARGE awards aim to increase awareness and highlight the importance of excellent branding in the global energy sector. Winners from each category are invited to showcase their brand and case studies in a presentation at the gala dinner for the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference (Oct 11-13 2021).

It is fair to say, we are super excited!

Earlier in 2021, we submitted a short expression of interest. From this information, an international panel of experts within energy, marketing and communications selected the best brands as finalists. We are one of three global finalists in our category: Advocate of the Year.

The panel is currently judging the finalists' case studies, which cover uniqueness, segmentation, customer centricity and other critical parts of a strong brand. Our case study outlines how we started, our ongoing journey towards utilising supercritical geothermal resources, and our quest to ensure our stakeholders (that includes you!) join us on a journey of discovery.

It was always our intention to do a research programme differently to the norm, and this venture into having a strong visual identity and brand is a part of our different approach. Developing our case study was perfectly timed to check in on GNG's engagement and communication plans, and make sure our messaging is clear.

Now, for these awards, we are in the nail-biting, waiting stage. Please cross your fingers for us!

If you want to find out more about energy branding, check out the CHARGE conference (there is a free registration option as a taster to inspire).

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